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Frequently Asked Limousine Company Questions

How do I find a limo company near me?

When you want to find a reputable limousine company in your area, VIP Luxury Transportation LLC’s drivers are the ones to call. We can be reached at (540) 571-1718.

What should I know before booking a limousine?

No two limousine companies are alike. Some may have an extensive fleet of various limousines, while others may offer private town car transportation. Be sure to ask about the options we have in store for you.

Do you offer additional pick-up and drop-off services?

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction. For a reasonable rate, we are usually able to pick up or drop off additional guests.

Do you allow smoking in your vehicles?

We operate in accordance with the rules and regulations of our industry. Smoking is not permitted in our vehicles unless otherwise noted.

What are some things to avoid when choosing a limousine company?

When you find yourself looking for a limousine company, you need to ensure that your private limousine service employs respectful and professional chauffeurs. No limousine company is complete without qualified and competent chauffeurs.

Rest assured, our chauffeurs are more than reputable. They add a touch of luxury to every evening and operate in the most hospitable manner.

How old do you have to be to rent a limousine?

We require that all reservations be made by individuals of adult age. That said, the rented vehicle may still be enjoyed by minors. In instances such as those, we may request that the of-age renter sign an agreement of responsibility.

Will my luggage fit in your limousine?

Stretch limousines and town cars both offer the same trunk space. In most cases, our drivers are able to fit about four to five suitcases into the truck. You will also find that our vehicles offer lots of room for your carry-on luggage, too.

Do you offer special rates for weddings and other events?

Our clients are free to choose from any number of wedding and special event packages. We are also more than willing to tailor our services to suit your group’s needs.

How do I make a reservation?

To reserve a limousine through our limo service, all you have to do is contact our offices at a time that suits you. From there, we will take note of your transportation requirements and any requests you might have. Some of the questions we might ask include:

  • Are you booking for multiple passengers?
  • Do you need transportation to and from a special event?
  • Do you require multiple pick-up and drop-offs?
  • Do you need to commute to or from the airport?

The more we know, the better we will be able to serve you.

How will I find my limousine when I arrive at the airport?

We make sure to inform you of the general pick-up location prior to your arrival. If possible, our chauffeurs will also be sure to alert you of our arrival via text message or phone call.