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Birthday Party Limo

Birthdays aren’t meant to be treated like any other day. There should be extravagant celebrations among friends or family and lots of good cheer—but that’s not all. There should also be a luxury limousine and chauffeur standing by to take you and your guests wherever you need to go. That is where VIP Luxury Transportation LLC comes in.

Offering the finest limousine services in the region, we are available for your adventures through the night club circuit, those luxurious nights where you want to have a mobile birthday party, and more.

Add a touch of class and excitement to your upcoming birthday. We promise transportation so wonderful you’ll never want to leave the limousine. Call us at (540) 571-1718 now.

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Birthday Parties on Wheels

We offer more than comfortable seating and routinely serviced vehicles. As much as we are in the business of transportation, we are also in the business of hospitality and entertainment. When you book one of our elegant limousines, be sure to expect:

Lux Interiors and More

Our limousines don’t just look wonderful on the outside. They’re amazing on the inside, too. Our routinely cleaned limo interiors showcase the finest upholstery, promising nothing but the appearance of class and the feeling of absolute comfort.

Incredible Sound System

It isn’t just the cushions that attract our high-powered and discerning clientele, though. There is also our sound system. With a sound system like ours, you and your guests will feel like you’ve already arrived at the venue of your choosing.

Hospitable Chauffeurs

What night of luxury is complete without professional chauffeurs? Our well-trained and appropriately dressed chauffeurs do more than drive your guests from one destination to the next. More than that, they’re available to cater to your needs. They’ll answer your questions, make additional stops, and they’ll never forget to open the doors for you and your guests.

As always, we are standing by to field your questions and schedule reservations. Call us today to speak with a representative.

Limo Services Tailored to You

Birthday parties are meant to be special. We want you to plan your birthday how you want. Do you want our chauffeurs to wait outside while you and the guests have a festive dinner at the newest restaurant in town? All you have to do is ask. Do you want our chauffeurs to lead the way on a wine tour, brewery tour, or pub crawl? Your wish is our command.

We believe in tailoring our services to the customer. Let us know what you wish to do on your special day.

Start Planning the Birthday Now

Have you been putting off planning the birthday party of a friend or that special someone? Once you book one of our birthday limousines, you’ll have so much less to worry about. When you’re seated in the comfort of our luxurious limousines, we tend to you and your guest’s needs from beginning to end.

Make that next birthday party someone to remember. Book your birthday limo by calling (540) 571-1718 at your convenience.

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